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In the beginning…

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The Confinement Tradition

Traditionally, the Chinese have given mothers 30 to 40 days to recover in what is called "sitting the month”. New mothers spend the first 30 days after childbirth doing little more than sleeping, receiving special treats and getting used to their new role in life both physically and psychologically. There could be wisdom in this practice. Many complications can arise if the new mother does not take care of herself during this period.


After childbirth,a woman is believed to be depleted of her Yang energy and be in the state of “blood deficiency”.So she has to consume more ‘hot’ (Yang) foods to restore her ‘cold’ (Yin) bodily state. Yin and Yang affect and control each other,according to Chinese philosophy.Good health means the proportions of Yin and Yang are relatively balanced.These types of food is known as the confinement food.


Women who have just given birth need plenty of rest and good nutrition food. Moreover a new mother needs to be healthy in order to look after her newborn baby.


Thus sourcing for a good confinement nanny to help new mother during this confinement period is an investment worth considering.


There is an ancient Chinese saying:”Women after childbirth if confinement period well done,your troubles thereafter are none.”

Our founder, Amy, had a tough childbirth in 1994. In which, she realized the importance of proper recovery for mothers in the days after childbirth. At the same time, the baby must be cared for as well. Hence, after setting on a journey to understand more about the confinement tradition and the best methods to care for a new born, Amy founded AmyNanny Confinement Nanny Services in 2004. Today, she continues to impart her knowledge and methods to all her nannies, ensuring the best care for both mummy and baby. Many of our mummies and babies still keep in touch with us even after the confinement period. Here at AmyNanny, we strive not only to provide an excellent service to both mummy and baby, but a friendship that will last a lifetime.

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The "AmyNanny" Tradition

Engaging our services, the benefits are HUGE.


If you engaged a nanny by yourself would mean that all administrative and logistic arrangements will be handled by you.

In the event that any of the following takes place, you may end up not being able to get a nanny as planned.


  • Changes in your actual delivery date and the nanny is still working for another family or conflict of nanny’s other arrangements/schedules.

  • Nanny is feeling unwell.

  • Nanny decides to take up another higher-paying assignment.


Going through AmyNanny removes all the hassles that you will have to face as we’ll take care of all the administrative and logistic arrangements from the first stage of contact till the nanny’s arrival at your doorstep. Recently, the Ministry of Manpower advises customers to purchase medical insurance for confinement nannies. Here at AmyNanny, we can purchase the medical insurance on your behalf and save you the hassle.

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Our Philosophy

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Our excellent reputation is based on our personalised touch, immaculate matching and customer satisfaction.


Quality Based Experience

Engaging our services will secure a quality based experience during your Confinement period. The idea behind this, is the core of our good quality services; building our services around our customers to ensure a long lasting relationship instead of concentrating on selling them our services at discounted rates.


Superior Customer Service

We go all out to help our customers. We can be contacted anytime and we are always there to help. The time taken to attend to our customer questions and special requests is much less compared to others.


Friendly Approach

We are warm and friendly towards our customers, and often know you by name. Customers are usually on personal terms with us. We make our customers feel like valued friends. This personalised and friendly approach is what appeal to our valued customers and they keep coming back to us and even introduce their friends.

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