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Singapore Confinement nanny services loving mother carrying sleeping baby
Singapore best Confinement nanny services
Singapore Best Confinement nanny services

Confinement Nanny / Duties of confinement Nanny

Screening Process for our nannies 










The '6' Cs of AmyNanny

Confinement nannies are traditionally hired to help care for both the mother and baby during the convalescent month after birth.


Their duties involve taking care of the baby day and night, bathing, feeding, wash and sterilize the milk bottles, change diapers, etc.

Taking care of the mother, cook nutrition confinement food, prepare herbal bath for the mother, laundry for the mother and baby, marketing, etc.


For any extra duties such as cook for the father, housework, taking care of older children will involve extra charges depending on job scope.


We will ensure that our confinement nanny will make your confinement smooth, stress-free and relax with their vast experience and knowledge.

All our nannies are well trained with the most updated knowledge like baby care, breastfeeding techniques, healthy confinement cooking, and be able to prepare various confinement meals and create well-balanced menu plans and practical skills as nannies, caregivers or serve as confinement nannies.


Nannies are stringently screened and with good medical health record.

Nannies all have many years of experience as confinement nanny who are committed and responsible.


Nannies can understand and also identify the herbs used in confinement cooking that are essential towards re-nourishing and re-building the health of the new mother.

We ensure our nannies have the 6Cs:















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