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Traditional Confinement Recipe 1:Pig Trotter with Black Vinegar and Ginger

As promised, as part of the Traditional Confinement Recipe (TCR) Series, here's the first recipe I would be sharing with you.

During my confinement period many years ago, my favourite dish that my mum cooked is the calcium and protein-rich Pig Trotter with Black Vinegar and Ginger. Traditionally, many believe that this dish would help a new mother recover her strength. Each ingredient in this stew is a key component of its fortifying properties. Sugars, which are present in the form of glucose and fructose, replenish energy. More importantly, it tastes great!

Ingredients (For 10 servings)

Group 1

• 1 pig’s trotter (1kg), cut into serving pieces

Group 2

• 1kg old ginger, skinned and smashed lightly

Group 3

• 750g black vinegar

• 1.5kg water

• 50g sesame oil

Group 4

• 300g brown sugar

• 2 teaspoons salt

Group 5

• 10 hardboiled eggs


1. Heat wok with sesame oil and add ginger, fry at low heat till golden brown and aromatic.

2. Dish out and transfer ginger into a clay pot and add Group 3 ingredients and bring to boil.

3. Add Group 4 ingredients to taste.

4. Blanch trotter pieces in boiling water for a while. Remove and shake off excess water.

5. Add trotters into stew and boil for 2 hours until trotters are tender and soft.

6. Add hard-boiled eggs before serving.

Secret Tips

1. You can prepare the stew (Method 1 to 4) one month before childbirth. When adding Group 3 ingredients, add vinegar followed by water. The stew can keep up to 2 to 3 months if no sugar is added. Re-boil it twice a week to kill any bacteria in the mixture to prevent mould forming.

2. One day before distributing dish, heat the stew and carry out Method 5 and 6.

3. The dish will keep for 2 days before serving. The stew becomes thicker and trotters will taste even better.

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